Soulmates, Life Partner, Beloved… We Are All Searching For Ours, What If I Told You That Finding Yours Starts By Being The Person Your Soulmate Wants To Love?

The fantasy of soulmates is that somehow they land on our doorstep. But what if you’re still wounded from your last battle at love or still feeling insecure about men and their antics? Would you be ready if your soulmate walked in and said, “let’s go…”

Maybe not…

Or worse, your soulmate shows up and he’s too good, too nice, too dependable, too stable and too boring. In the right context, these qualities look like a man you can count on. Someone who will be there for you when you’re sad or feeling scared. But packaged in the “wrong man”, these qualities are dull and lifeless.

When you’re not ready even Mr. Right looks Wrong.

And I’m here to help you change that.

I’m Kelly, love and life coach for women looking to find their soulmate but having some challenges along the way.

My clients are the women who say they want “drama free” relationships and then break up with guys who seem to be right on paper but don’t fill the need for excitement in the end.

My clients have often been hurt by men who talked one way and then acted another.

My clients are also women who have loved a man’s “potential” or who he “promised to be” only to be disappointed in the end.

My clients are also women who still, somehow, have hope.

They are not so traumatized by love that they’re giving up on love entirely, rather, they’re skeptical, sometimes jaded, and really hope (and pray) that a good man is still out there looking for her.

In my world, all of this is possible.

Soulmates are characterized by two people who both share their own version of baggage, stories and sometimes drama yet through it all, they manage to let their love for each other win out and push them through their fears.

Soulmates love in-spite of it not being easy and perhaps, that makes their love even stronger.

If you’re someone with a less-than-perfect past, or even divorced, you’re definitely a candidate for a soulmate love in the future.

I know how frustrated you feel not having your soulmate in your life. Feeling like you’re never going to find your ONE, and that you’re going to be alone for the rest of your life. I’m here to tell you that’s NOT true!

It’s never too late to meet the man of your dreams.

But, if you feel unworthy or like you’re not good enough, that is what you will attract. Being ready for your soulmate requires being the woman he would want to love long before he inspires you to grow into her.

Finding a great love is the opposite of what people think. First you have to be the woman he wants to fall in love with and THEN he falls in love with you.

So, if you look at yourself in the mirror and see someone who is insecure, needy, neurotic, drama-filled, overly emotional, irrational, deeply in debt or addicted to substances, it will be hard for your soulmate to see past the surface and get to the authentic woman deep inside.

That’s the work you need to do.

First, become the woman he will fall in love with and then SECOND, get out there and find him.

This is the work I do, it’s inner work.

It’s freeing and liberating and will set you apart from all of the other women out there because you are a strong, independent woman who is here to uplift his life instead of needing him to fix yours.

If you’re ready to see how it works, let’s chat. I offer all of my clients a free consultation to explore working together.


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