Why Hire Me?

Meet the Love Attraction Coach that Brings Soulmates Together

Kelly Ann Garnett
For over a decade, Kelly has been coaching men and women who are looking for love. She understands the deep desire and longing for a Soulmate and what it takes to stay loyal to yourself as you journey toward each other.

Kelly is dedicated to helping her clients embrace love again, empowering them with tools to create a powerful and loving relationship with themselves and others.

Kelly knows that we all deserve to be loved and will guide you in a very supportive, empowering, and unconditionally loving way. She will assist you in reconnecting to your powerful, playful, and loving self. She is dedicated to bringing you and your Soulmate together.

Kelly is a highly sought after professional speaker and leads dynamic experiential seminars and workshops across the country. She is a Certified Love Attraction Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and has Masters degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Education. Kelly lives and loves in the Los Angeles area.

Why hire Kelly?

Because you are ready. You’ve done the dating. You’re in a good place in your life. You know that you are a catch. Yet, you still haven’t met your One… your Soulmate.

Do you ever find yourself saying, “What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong.” Or, that dating is hard and that all the “good ones” are taken?

It’s not “easy” out there. But that’s just because you don’t have the tools to Attract your Soulmate.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own professional Soulmate Attraction Coach help you discover how easy and fun it can be on the journey to your Soulmate. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone help keep you on track with what you desire. Wouldn’t it be great to start attracting wonderful people in your life that are begging you to go on dates with them. This could be you!