Self Romance

Valentine’s Day is the “official” day of love and romance. It’s the day that women are supposed to be adored by their man with gifts of flowers, chocolate, and a prix fix menu at a fancy (meaning expensive) restaurant.

Unless you’re single. And then you get nothing.

The greatest challenge with the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, is the expectations that are placed on these days, especially with regards to romance. Many single people feel like the marketing during this time is almost mocking the fact that you’re not in a relationship.

But just because you’re currently sans a man, who says you can’t still be adored with love and romance?

Here are 3 ways to still have a fabulous day.

  1. Romance Yourself

My friend, Grace, loves to buy flowers and chocolate for herself on Valentine’s Day, even if she’s not single. That way, if her man doesn’t bring her the gifts she “expected,” she’ll never feel disappointed. Why does a man have to be the one to romance you? You should be romancing yourself, first and foremost! Especially since you know exactly what you like and what you want.

Make a conscious effort to romance yourself with that gorgeous Kate Spade purse you’ve been eyeing. Buy yourself that heart-shaped box of See’s candy and enjoy every single bite!

  1. Date Night with Yourself

This is one of my most favorite things to do, especially on a Friday night when I have no energy to leave my couch. Pick your favorite take-out restaurant, have it delivered. Pick out your favorite comedy movie to watch (put back “The Notebook!”). Pick out your favorite wine to enjoy a glass of. Wrap up the night with an amazing candle-lit bubble bath while listening to relaxation music.

  1. A Fabulous Night on the Town

Call up the girls and head to your favorite spot out on the town. Enjoy the love that they bring to you and your life every single day. Bring each of them a rose or a small box of chocolate. Laugh until you cry and you will go home feeling adored and reenergized to make it through the rest of the week.

These practices should be something you do all the time. Loving and adoring yourself takes the pressure off needing others to do it for you.

And, keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let yourself go down the path of fear, doubt, and worry. Your Soulmate is on his way to you now. Keep repeating that as a mantra and watch as it all unfolds!


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