Finding “The One” means nothing if you’re not ready.

You may feel like you’re ready for your “One” to show up, but have you really checked in to see if all of you is on that same page?

Here are 3 powerful steps that you can take to be consciously prepared for you and your soulmate to be together.

Step 1: Clear your mind.

Got mind chatter?

You know, that voice in your head that says nothing but lies like “There are no good men!,” “You’re not ____________ enough (insert pretty, skinny, good, etc.),” or “You don’t deserve him!”

The truth is that you do deserve all that you desire and more!

But, you need to know that.

When your mind starts to spew nonsense about who it says you are, stop to acknowledge it and question it.

Ask yourself, “Is this the truth about me?” or “Is this the truth?”

9 times out of 10, the answer will be no.

And if there’s that one time when the answer is a yes, then you can make ask yourself some questions like, “What can I do to change this?” or “What else is possible?”

Step 2: Clear your heart to make room for your soulmate. 

A great process to do in order to make sure that your heart is fully available for your soulmate is to create a list of past love interests.

These can be men that you’ve dated, men that you’ve been in a serious relationship, one night stands, or even men that you’ve had a crush on.

Create a chart, or spreadsheet.

Make a list of the following:

Their names

How you met them/knew them

What attracted you to them

What qualities you admired

What qualities about them challenged you

How/why the relationship ended

How you felt when it ended

Is there anything that is unfinished between the two of you? Anything left unsaid? Any feelings that you may still be holding onto?

Filling out this chart will provide you with great insight into the types of men you’ve attracted in the past, and insight into whether you need to take action to fully let any of them go.

A simple, yet profound, tool that I use all the time, is what I call a “Let It Go” letter.

Using paper and a pen, write out anything and everything that you’d like to say to them. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly! Try to continuously write for at least 10 minutes without a break. Once you feel complete, immediately rip it up and either throw it away outside or, if it’s safe to do so, burn it.

Do not reread it, keep it, or send it.

If after doing this process, you feel inspired to write them, do it after this process. You’ll feel much clearer about what you want to or need to say.

Step 3: Clear your space. 

It is important for your home to be a space for respite, but also space for love to transpire.

Look around to see if your home is relationship ready.

Do you have space for a partner to come in? For example, do you have a toothbrush holder that can hold yours and his toothbrushes?

Is there space in a drawer for his things when he stays over? Is there a nightstand on “his” side of the bed?

Look to see if there are any tweaks that can be made that would help allow the natural flow of your relationship for whenever he’s there.

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